Unlike some states in the country, in order to file for unemployment compensation in the state of Florida you can only file via the internet through the state website found at Using the Florida Internet Claims Filing System (FLUID), the process of filing your application for unemployment compensation should take somewhere between thirty to sixty minutes to complete. Here is the process for applying for unemployment compensation:

  • File Online: Using the FLUID (Florida Internet Claims Filing System) you will be completing your application for unemployment compensation. Your application for unemployment benefits is required to be completed within seventy two hours and by midnight Saturday, Eastern time, or your information will be purged from the system, and you will be expected to start all over using the FLUID application.
  • Confirmation: Once the filing process is completed, and you have officially filed your claim, you will receive a confirmation that your claim has been received and direct you towards taking the next step in the filing process which is instructions for completing the Initial Skills Review. If/when your claim has been accepted and approved, you unemployment compensation will begin on the very day your application is completed. Generally speaking, it takes around three to four weeks to get your hands on the first payment from the state.
  • Initial Skills Review: There are absolutely no exceptions when it comes to the Initial online skills review. If you find yourself unable to complete the skills review due to language barriers or illiteracy, you will be referred to a state sanctioned One-Stop Career Center where you will receive assistance in completing the skills review and well as assistance with you attempts to find new employment opportunities.
Claim & Submit: Here is where many people begin to get confused. After you file your initial claim (not after your receive your first payment), you will need to do what is known as “Claim Your Weeks”. You are expected to and obviously should continue to claim your weeks every two weeks until you are once again employed or until your unemployment compensation claims comes to its conclusion. Every two weeks you will be expected to certify the fact that you are out there consistently looking for full-time employment opportunities. A minimum of five work search contacts (potential employers) are expected to be reported in order to make sure you have fulfilled your end of the bargain when it comes to looking for a new job in exchange for unemployment compensation.