Benefits Appeal

If you disagree or would like to dispute any aspect of the unemployment compensation benefits you may or may not be receiving, this too will be handled solely online through a state sanctioned website found at It is here you will be able to file a new appeal, request a (re)hearing if you missed or need to schedule one, learn how to have your case reviewed by the Unemployment Appeals Commission if you do not agree with the hearing officer's decision, as well as learn about a plethora or additional other helpful options that may be available on your unemployment compensation claim.

  • To Appeal an Unemployment Compensation Determination: Only claimants and/or employers are legally allowed to file an appeal if they feel they have been adversely affected by the agency's determination. Whether you are a claimant or an employers affected by the claim, you can file an appeal online at Here is the contact information for the Office of Appeals:
    Office of Appeals
    107 E. Madison Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-4143
    Instead of mailing, you are also given the option of faxing your appeal letter to the fax number (850)921-3524. However, it is greatly recommended that you file your appeal online to be assured that we receive it immediately after you send it and that your information will remain secure and safe.